John Isaac: Mediator & Dispute Resolver

John Isaac provides Dispute Resolution Services, Mediation Services, Arbitration Services, Expert Determination Services & Expert Witness services throughout New Zealand to quickly & cost effectively assist parties in conflict and dispute to resolve a very wide variety of disputes. John acts as a Negotiator, Mediator, Arbitrator, Conciliator, Expert Determiner and Expert Witness (in business valuation disputes.

John also acts as a meeting Facilitator/Chairman to enable parties to focus their energies on discussing matters/issues rather than having key people worrying about running a meeting /conference.

Mediation Services

There are many forums available in which to resolve a dispute including: mediation, arbitration, tribunals & courts and Parties in dispute need to carefully assess what is the best forum and the best way to resolve their dispute quickly, cost effectively & confidentially.

John has a special ability to quickly understand a party’s position and more importantly their underlying interests (which drive their positions) and has a great success rate in enabling parties to end their dispute. He is pragmatic and has great written & verbal communication skills when Mediating, Arbitrating & Negotiating.

John resolves the following types of dispute:

  • Business: Employment, shareholder, supplier, insurance, lease, rent reviews
  • Contractual: Relating to the supply of any goods and services
  • Matrimonial: Division of assets on separation
  • Business & Property Sales: Agreement and warranty breaches, commissions
  • Civil: Between private individuals and also other parties (ACC claims)
  • Estate: Division of estate assets
By using:

He also acts as an Expert Witness (In business valuations disputes) and provides litigation support.

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