John Isaac: Mediator & Dispute Resolver

John Isaac, after gaining a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Auckland University in 1970, qualified as a Chartered Accountant and worked in both Chartered Accountancy firms and commercial businesses. Since returning to New Zealand in 1976, he has created four new businesses, qualified as a Licenced Real Estate Principal Agent, studied Dispute Resolution via Massey University (completing a Diploma in Dispute resolution) & LEADR (becoming an accredited LEADR Mediator), and read widely on Dispute resolution as well as written articles and given speeches on Business valuation methods & Dispute Resolution processes.

John Isaac provides Dispute Resolution Services, Mediation Services, Arbitration Services, Expert Determination Services & Expert Witness services throughout New Zealand to quickly & cost effectively assist parties in conflict and dispute to resolve a very wide variety of disputes. John acts as a Negotiator, Mediator, Arbitrator, Conciliator, Expert Determiner and an Expert Witness(but only in business valuation disputes).

John also acts as a meeting Facilitator/Chairman to enable parties to focus their energies on discussing matters/issues rather than having key people worrying about running a meeting /conference.

John has also been involved in the community over the years, firstly, as a past member of the Newmarket Rotary club (where he was a Director of several committees at both Club and District level) and secondly in coaching children’s sport. His other interests, apart from his family include, golf, fishing and reading. John has been happily married since 1976 and has two adult children.

Mediation Services

There are many forums available in which to resolve a dispute including: mediation, arbitration, tribunals & courts and Parties in dispute need to carefully assess what is the best forum and the best way to resolve their dispute quickly, cost effectively & confidentially.

John has a special ability to quickly understand a party’s position and more importantly their underlying interests (which drive their positions) and has a great success rate in enabling parties to end their dispute. He is pragmatic and has great written & verbal communication skills when Mediating, Arbitrating & Negotiating.

John resolves the following types of dispute:

  • Business: Employment, shareholder, partner supplier, insurance, lease, rent reviews
  • Contractual: Relating to the supply of any goods and services
  • Matrimonial: Division of assets on separation
  • Business & Property Sales: Agreement and warranty breaches, commissions
  • Civil: Between private individuals and also other parties (ACC claims)
  • Estate: Division of estate assets
By using:

He also acts as an Expert Witness (In business valuations disputes) and provides litigation support.

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