Arbitration Services

Arbitration is a process in which an independent arbitrator makes a decision settling the dispute after receiving the evidence presented by the parties. The arbitrator’s decision is called an “award” which is final and binding on the parties. The Arbitration Act 1996 contains statutory provisions which are implied into the arbitration process. There are very limited grounds to overturn an award once it has been made.

I have a long (41 years) background in commerce (I originally trained as a Chartered Accountant and then worked in various businesses in NZ and overseas including manufacturing, financial services, and business sales and acquisitions).

Given my background, I tend to focus on arbitrating commercial, business and financial disputes.

By using me as an Arbitrator, parties will ensure that they resolve their disputes as quickly, confidentially and cost effectively as possible in the safe knowledge that I have substantial commercial and also significant legal knowledge (notwithstanding that I am not a qualified lawyer).

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