“John Isaac acted as a Mediator for a client of mine who operated a SME business with fellow family members.
Disagreements had arisen amongst the Directors &Shareholders on a wide range of matters including: the running of the business, the shareholders agreement, Directors and Shareholders voting rights, remuneration for Directors & Shareholders and their partners, transfer of shares on death of Directors & Shareholders, priority of debt repayments, competition by Directors & Shareholders in similar businesses.
At the end of the day long mediation conference, John had successfully mediated to the extent that the parties (there were 4 parties at the mediation & I attended to advise one of the parties) reached agreement on the broad range of issues mentioned above.
John & I worked together on the wording of the Mediated Outcome agreement over the following week (various further improvements were agreed to by the Directors at a subsequent Directors meeting and embodied in the Mediated Outcome agreement) and the end result was that my client (and the other parties) were all very happy with the outcome from the Mediation process.
I was impressed with John’s Mediation skills (he is quick to understand party’s interests & great at putting parties at ease in their discussions) and also his wide in depth knowledge of both commercial matters generally & the law in particular.
I would highly recommend John to anyone where they require the services of a Mediator to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently.”

Michael Smyth  , Barrister

“I would highly recommend John when someone has any dispute and needs a Mediator or Arbitrator to resolve it efficiently, with integrity and to arrive at an equitable award having carefully considered all of the relevant evidence.”

Denis Smith, Civil Engineer

“We would definitely recommend John whenever parties have a dispute that needs resolving by mediation as he is a good mediator who treated both parties equally fairly and we felt that a win/win outcome was reached.”

Murray Deans, Chartered Accountant

“Thanks for facilitating our national meeting in wellington… we really appreciated your contribution… I was able to really focus on listening to what everyone was saying without the distraction of worrying about note taking and we stayed on schedule… by tape recording the whole days discussions and printing out all the whiteboard notes you made we had a great summary of the day’s activities and discussions making for a very productive meeting and easy follow up with all participants.”

Simon Manning, CEO

“I really appreciated your help and was impressed with your knowledge of employment law and your skill in achieving an exit package much better than what my employment agreement provided for –especially the tax free element that you negotiated.”

Anthony Fitzgerald, Former Business Owner

“I really appreciated your help advocating for me before the Accident Compensation Review hearing…and your ability to focus on weaknesses in their case especially pointing out that their stated logic did not prove that my claim was outside their claims payment criteria.”

Grant Southam, Photographer

“I am writing to thank you for your brilliant help last week in advocating for me in my mediation to get my outstanding commission paid. I particularly appreciated your knowledge of the law, ability to quickly pick up on their errors and the excellent negotiating tactical advice you gave me.”

John Burnett, Business Broker

“I want to thank you for mediating our business partnership dispute… your wisdom, ability to listen and your attention to detail have all been very helpful in diffusing tempers and allowing us to reach an amicable resolution of our dispute.”

Eve Park, Business Owner

A big thanks for mediating our subdivision dispute & drafting the settlement agreement.We were amazed how you got all parties to agree on all the various disputed issues in 6 hours of mediation when we had not managed this over 5 months of negotiations-even with our lawyers & other professionals involved.Your accounting & legal skills ,knowledge of resource consents/building subdivisions along with your sense of absolute fairness to all parties clearly helped you.”

Barrie & Betty Speer

“John Isaac mediated a substantial Estate dispute where several Family Court proceedings had already been filed before the mediation took place.There were 15 people present at the mediation(including 8 legal counsel)  .By 6 pm on the day of the mediation all parties had signed a deed of family arrangement resolving all disputed issues.John’s mediation skills,extensive knowledge of financial and legal matters all contributed to parties reaching a mediated agreement.I would not hesitate in recommending John as a very competent mediator.”

Peter Smith ,Partner Smith & Partners

“John Isaac acted as the mediator in a major relationship property dispute I had with my former partner.

There were a number of relationship properties involved and numerous factors to consider in our dispute. John quickly summarised the financial side of our dispute including all of our relationship properties & property related issues.

In the end various factors (well beyond John’s control) prevented my partner & I reaching a mediated agreement with John, however I found John very able to cope with the strong emotional pressures which arose throughout the whole mediation process ,whilst focussing  my partner & I on the financial & non financial issues in an effort to get a mediation agreement completed.

John was totally impartial and in my view showed absolute integrity.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him”

Wendy Matthews

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